Hot Body, Hot Kitchen: Sweet cheese blintzes (VIDEO)

Feb 4, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Perfection is overrated. This coming from a lifelong perfectionist, who used to wake every day holding myself to unrealistic standards and driving myself mad along the way. There was no time for enjoyment. And happiness? What’s that? I was on to the next thing. I rolled along, ticking off boxes like a grocery list: Professional dancer? Check. Write a hit song? Check. Have a six-pack? Check. Have a picture-perfect marriage? Check. Become a successful chef? Check. All the boxes were ticked, and I’d be damned if the world saw me as anything but perfect. Sound familiar?

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If you’ve ever played the perfectionist game, you realize quickly that you can keep those giant plates spinning for only a while before they come crashing down in an epic life mess.

Then the negative boxes start getting ticked. Self-doubt, overeating, body-shaming and so on. When did we forget that what makes us human is much more interesting than the bullshit story we pretend to the world?

I’ve been on a mission to embrace and own my mistakes for everyone to see. When creating my videos for SheKnows, we intentionally left in the outtakes. I screw up from time to time. And you know what? It’s so much more watchable, relatable and funny because it’s real. I didn’t set out to create another sterile cooking series (yawn). I really just want to make you laugh and hopefully give you some cool takeaways for your cooking journey in the process.

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In my cookbook Eat Your Heart Out, I put an immense stress on the importance of self-care. On Valentine's Day this year, don’t worry about giving or receiving silly jewelry, dozens of roses that will be dead in a week or snagging that hard-to-get reservation. Start with self-love. It’s much easier to top someone else's cup off when your cup of happiness runs over. If you really want to give happiness, you should make my delicious gluten-free sweet cheese blintz with blackberry jam. Valentine's falls on a weekend this year, so go ahead and enjoy these while lounging lazily in bed — partner not required.

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Just try to live and love by the words of Salvador Dali: "Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it."

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