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The solution to your pizza-vs.-burger dilemma is finally here (PHOTO)

When it comes to first-world problems, one that never gets any easier is the old pizza-burger dilemma. Sometimes, you just want both, right?

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The good news — for Londoners, at least — is you don’t have to go through this mental turmoil any longer. You can now combine your love of those two fast-food favourites on one plate.

Burger joint The Blues Kitchen has teamed with Pizza Pilgrims to create the stupendous Pilgrim Burger as February’s Burger of the Month; dry-aged angus and shorthorn steak patty on a parmesan bun with smoked buffalo mozzarella, ’nduja melt (spreadable sausage, FYI), fresh basil and ketchup from San Marzano tomatoes.

And just take a look at this beautiful pizza-burger mashup.

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It was apparently inspired by this “drunken scribble”.

As if all that pizza/burger awesomeness isn’t enough, the creation is topped off with a hot truffle mac n’ cheese arancini ball, guaranteed to make all other burgers look a little, well… naked.

Order your Pilgrim Burger from The Blues Kitchen in Camden, Shoreditch or Brixton, London for £15 and then take a long, long nap.

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