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4 Reasons healthy food tastes better than comfort food

Usually, delicious food is associated with comfort foods such as pies, desserts, gravy-based and creamy dishes. There is no denying that eating cookies brings a smile even to the saddest souls. I stop myself from dancing after eating a delicious, chocolatey homemade brownie. In comparison, healthy food gets the reputation of bland, boring and lacking flavor. I want to give you four reasons why healthy foods can taste better than unhealthy food.

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1. Healthy food is more colorful.

To enjoy food, it has to first look good. One of the cornerstones of a healthy diet is that it needs to be rich in colorful vegetables that provide a mix of vitamins and minerals. The mix of vegetables brings great color to a dish, making it look even more appetizing than a burger with fries.

2. It has more variety

The first rule of healthy eating is that your diet needs to be balanced in whole grains, lean meats, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. This brings different textures to the same plate, amplifying its taste and making it more enjoyable than spaghetti with heavy cream sauce.

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3. It is more flavorful

Healthy food doesn’t rely on high amounts of saturated fats, such as butter, which is abundant in comfort dishes. For this reason, healthy dishes rely heavily on spices to add flavor to the dishes. This is why a healthy dish cooked with heart would have tons of flavors and aromas from spices that can really make a dish stand out.

4. It can be more creative

I know when we think healthy we think steak with veggies or a salad. However, healthy food can be quite creative and fun. Who knew you can make beet root chips as a snack?

Bonus point: Healthy food makes you feel better too!

I am not going to say a Mediterranean stew will make me dance as much as a cookie. I will say though that a stew sustains me for a few hours, giving slow bursts of energy for the hours to come due to the vegetables, legumes and healthy grains. It will also provide my brain with a well-needed boost for hours, due to the healthy fats in the oil used. A cookie will leave me with a drop in energy levels half an hour later, making me crave even more and more sugars.

As a dietitian, I am biased towards healthy food. I want us to give the flavor of healthy food a better reputation. When done properly, it can be delicious, mouthwatering and so very filling.

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