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Death Wish Coffee: 6 Things to know about this extra-stimulating roaster (VIDEO)

Everyone is talking this morning about Death Wish Coffee and the Super Bowl. You may have seen its crazy “Storm’s a-Brewing” ad on Facebook. What is Death Wish Coffee, though, and what’s with the Vikings in this ad?

Roasters Death Wish Coffee won the Intuit QuickBooks “Small Business, Big Game” contest, which means it will be the only small business to air its ad during the 50th Super Bowl on Feb. 7. In the ad, Vikings navigate their way through a ferocious storm, which incidentally is how I feel every single morning as I try to get my family out the door and to work and school. I suppose that’s why we need coffee.

“We were able to create a spectacle of Vikings sailing to battle to show off the fiercely caffeinated coffee and ultimately help QuickBooks with its mission of fueling small business success,” says creative officer Joe Baratelli of RPA, the agency that created the ad. Wait, fiercely caffeinated coffee? What does that mean?

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Here’s what we know about this little coffee maker with the big ad and big caffeine boost.

1. Death Wish Coffee is located in a small town in upstate New York, charming and picturesque Saratoga Springs. Owner Mike Brown started with a coffee shop and began roasting when his customers demanded a super-strong brew.

2. That coffee is strong. Death Wish claims to roast “the world’s strongest coffee” through a special combination of beans and a unique roasting process. According to its website, its coffee has twice the amount of caffeine as ordinary coffee does. And I could use a cup of it right now.

3. It roasts dark, but its soul is pure. The beans are fair trade and organic. No weird additives.

4. You will not find this coffee on your grocery store shelves. Since this is a small, local roaster, you have to buy either from shops near Saratoga Springs or online via Death Wish Coffee’s website. Maybe because of the Super Bowl ad it’ll get crazy demand and become the next Starbucks. But scaling up is tricky for businesses, so let’s hope it grows in a sustainable way.

5. Yes, the company makes pods. You can get DWC in Keurig-compatible “Death Cups.”

6. It tastes dark — real dark. One of SheKnows‘ staffers has tasted Death Wish. She describes it as similar to “Starbucks’ dark roast, but bitter.” Ouch, I’m sure the roaster would cringe to hear its brew described this way — it aims to create a non-bitter cup. But hey, everyone has a different palate.

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Check out DWC’s wild ad, and see what you think. It’s shot by Oscar-winning (Life of Pi) Claudio Miranda. Is this how coffee makes you feel?

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