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Something important is missing from McDonald’s mozzarella sticks


SheKnows Editorial

When you get mozzarella sticks from McDonald’s, you’re probably not expecting quite the same thing as what you’d order from a pizzeria. But at the very least, mozzarella sticks should contain cheese, and some are saying that McDonalds’ apparently often don’t.

Mozzarella sticks are one of the greatest foods of all time, but take the cheese out of the equation, and you just have weird, hollow breadcrumb tubes. And people aren’t super happy about it — I mean, the best part of a mozzarella stick is decidedly not the crust.

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So what the heck is going on? According to a SheKnows intern who has worked in the food service industry, the cheese can blow out of the mozzarella sticks when they’re cooked for too long, leaving behind nothing but crust. So at one point, these cheesy sticks probably did have cheese in them.

McDonald’s is remaining silent on the issue so far, though it has replied to angry tweets from customers with a plea for more information on where they’ve purchased the hollow sticks. Hopefully they’ll solve the case of the disappearing mozzarella soon, because nothing makes me sadder than missing cheese — and apparently I’m not alone.

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Have you been a victim of the McDonald’s mozzarella sticks scandal? Or have you escaped from the drive-thru unscathed?

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