Taco salad from Married at First Sight is what love tastes like (VIDEO)

The reality TV series Married at First Sight is all about challenging boundaries, and in last night’s episode, one couple challenged the boundary between nachos and taco salad. This is groundbreaking television, people.

The series follows three couples who married as perfect strangers as they try to make their marriages work in six weeks. And let me be the first to tell you, it’s better than The Bachelor, because the stakes are much, much higher. Anyway, in last night’s episode, newlywed Trey made his wife Vanessa his favorite dish: taco salad consisting of a pile of Doritos topped with ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and pickled jalapeños.

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Vanessa was amused at this “salad” but touched by Trey’s adorable gesture of food love. “It’s romantic.”

Aww… When a man makes you his favorite dish! Swoon. It doesn’t matter what it is — we’re charmed by it. But in this case, that taco salad seemed to hit that perfect dumb-yet-perfect note.

Fans on Twitter were unanimous: Any man who uses Doritos to make you a salad is obviously a keeper.

The way to a woman’s heart is through a salad that is so clearly not a salad.

Whatever it is (nachos?), everyone watching was craving neon-colored, cheese-flavored chips.

In fact, I’m eating some right now, because I couldn’t write this without eating some.

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But the best response was from Neil Bowlus, another Married at First Sight participant, who had to make do with his wife’s matzo ball soup and latkes from a box in the same episode.

1. He is correct. 2. I’m sure Bowlus wishes he’d been invited over for dinner that night.

How much are you craving this taco salad non-salad now?

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