Masterfoods Squeeze Mate's condiment packaging has Reddit users excited

Jan 21, 2016 at 5:25 p.m. ET

You may think of our Masterfoods Squeeze Mate (the squeezy sauce containers) as nothing special, a nuisance even, but the world recently discovered Australia's answer to no-mess sauce sachets — and everyone is freaking out.

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The excitement all started when Reddit user Youlikeitlikewhat posted a video of the Conoflex packaging — which, according to Powerhouse Museum, was designed in 1990 by Sanford Redmond — and demonstrated just how easy it is to use. He captioned the video with "Australia has beautiful people, a beautiful country, and these magical f***ing sauce dispensers."

And the comments on the video, which has been viewed over 100,000 times, prove just how jealous the rest of the world is over something that most Australians begrudge paying for.

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"Omg they've perfected the squeeze!!" Josh L wrote. While other comments include, "ahhh we need this in england [sic]," "David Cameron u gonna do anything bout this?" and "What a f***ing great video."


Still, it must be said that Australians are not impressed with the plastic devices. In fact, many of us wonder why this is even news at all.

"All us Australians come here so confused to why this is popular, doesn't every country have something like this. Guess not lol. Still got take what we can get i guess, we know, we are the best," burns0100 commented.

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"I'm Australian and I have no idea why this got 20,000 views putting sauce on something," Itz Tex shared. And roboshuffler555 shared similar thoughts, writing, "This is a normal boring thing that every shop has in Australia, is this not common in some countries?"

AlrightHey shared, "I'm Australian and this is literally the least exciting thing about our country.. apart from Tony Abbott but we got rid of him."

But hey, at least everyone gets to be jealous of our engineering accomplishments now, even if the guy in the video does use tomato sauce dispensers in the weirdest way — on eggs.

Fascinating or boring? Let us know your thoughts on these dispensers in the comments below.