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Eatable News: Britney’s food fake, Sriracha packets and more

At SheKnows Food, we spend a lot of time reading about — you guessed it — food (and drinks too!). And we’ve come across some stories that are too good to not share. Here are the food items from the week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Restaurant bans kids for totally legit reasons

Marco Magliozzi is the owner of a popular seafood restaurant in Rome called La Fraschetta del Pesce, and he wants his customers to know that their kids under 5 years old aren’t welcome in his establishment. So there. And when you hear his reasoning, even the most entitled toddler parents would have to agree.

“They throw olive oil on the floor, they upturn the water, they send the salt flying across the room, they try to dismantle the furniture, they shout, they cry, and above all,” Magliozzi says, “they hate fish.”

The man’s got a point.

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2. Britney’s “grilled Mexican corn” fake-out freak-out

Social media is getting a fresh round of LOLs courtesy of Britney Spears’ latest Instagram post of corn on the cob. Turns out a few social media sleuths quickly figured out the picture she posted with the caption “It’s honestly too good to be true mmmmm” is actually just a screenshot of a Tyler Florence recipe.

But I mean, you guys, “Leave Britney alone!” Who among us hasn’t spent a few slow hours in the day Googling around for food porn? But it is almost like the food picture equivalent of lip-synching an entire concert, so that’s pretty funny.

Also, anyone else craving grilled Mexican corn now?

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3. Sriracha. Packets. People.

sriacha to go packet
Image: Sriracha2Go

This is not a drill. Sriracha sauce now comes in little packets that are going to be much lighter in your purse than dragging around that huge bottle of spicy goodness. You can order a pack of 50 Sriracha packets from Huy Fong for $14.99. These would go great with some of Britney’s corn. Is it lunchtime yet?

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4. “Healthy” is the new “diet,” and it’s all a pack of lies

Americans don’t “diet” anymore; it’s just not fashionable. No, now they just want to be “healthy,” and the food industry is following suit — sort of. See, they’re still selling us the same, overprocessed crap — it’s only the labels that have changed, along with food fads. The solution? It’s boring but true: Eat sensibly, and cook as much of your own food as you can, because food companies are constantly bombarding us with flashy — and false — claims about nutrition.

5. Oreo unleashes an unexpected flavor

Oreo has continued its tradition of getting free marketing by releasing increasingly ridiculous flavors to the public. This time around, Oreo has unveiled a “Cinnamon Bun” flavor. And I guess there are folks out there who are excited about it, but they lost me in 2013 when they released the “Watermelon” Oreo. Call me a purist, but what’s wrong with the original? But people are excited about the Cinnamon Bun flavor, so maybe it’s worth all the hype.

eatable news
Image: SheKnows

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