6 Things McDonald’s was thinking when it invented McChoco fries

McDonald’s has introduced an intriguing new item, and it sounds crazy. Crazy awesome, that is! It’s the McChoco Potato: french fries covered in dark and white chocolate. And it’s available only in Japan. 

What could inspire such a stroke of genius? Who knows? But we can make a few guesses.

1. That fries-in-Wendy’s-Frosty combo is so good McD’s had to try its own version

McDonalds versus Wendys
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French fries plus chocolate? Sounds a little familiar, methinks. Hope this friendly bit of competition doesn’t raise the ghost of Dave Thomas.

2. Everyone secretly wants fries for dessert

french fries
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People lose their minds over fries, but dessert is the only meal in which we can’t have them (like, we can all agree that McDonald’s hash browns are both a gift from above and basically a giant, flat french fry, right?). Thanks to this crazy idea, everyone’s secret desire to eat french fries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert will finally be realized.

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3. They’ll taste like the county fair

county fair
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You know where else you can get something deep-fried and covered in chocolate? The county fair! Replace your fried dough with fried potato, and McDonald’s basically has a surefire hit on its hands.

4. Sweet-and-salty is the best

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These days, everyone knows that sweet-and-salty is the best possible dessert flavor combination. When’s the last time you had a caramel that wasn’t salted? The salty makes the sweet better and vice versa. McChoco fries play right into that sweet-and-salty frenzy, and I, for one, am glad it’s a trend that’s sticking around.

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5. “McChoco Potato” sounds strangely fancy

fancy tom hanks
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McChoco Potato is obviously not a fancy food (though I can kind of see one of those upscale molecular gastronomy restaurants doing a version of it for dessert), but the name sounds quite refined. Anytime ordering from McDonald’s makes you feel like you need to keep a pinkie in the air, it has clearly done something right. Or, at the very least, interesting.

6. This could save us

save me audrey plaza
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It turns out McDonald’s is basically the Chipotle of Japan. Its sales have been on a downswing following a series of food safety violations, but McChoco Potato might be just the thing to get customers back in stores. Plus, how much could go wrong safety-wise when deep-frying frozen potatoes and drizzling on a couple of bottles of chocolate sauce? Er, on second thought, maybe I don’t want to know. I wouldn’t mind a ticket to Japan so I can try them for myself, though!

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