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Chipotle’s 1-day shutdown proves it’s taking food safety seriously


SheKnows Editorial

You may want to pack a lunch on Feb. 8, because every Chipotle will close for a few hours that day for a company meeting.


The topic of discussion? Food safety, of course. Company spokesman Chris Arnold said that during the meeting, they’ll be discussing “some of the changes we are making to enhance food safety.” He added that they will “talk about the restaurant’s role in all of that” and will also take time “to answer questions from employees.”

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Every Chipotle store will be closed for a few hours for the meeting, though the time of day the meeting will take place hasn’t yet been specified (hopefully not lunchtime).

With Chipotle currently under fire for its food safety practices in 2015, as well as having nine lawsuits thrown at them as a result, it seems like the meeting couldn’t come sooner. Hopefully briefing its employees on the new food safety techniques will be enough to ensure that no one gets sick from its food again. In the meantime, I’ll be over here, making my official Chipotle copycat guac.

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