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Customers call Starbucks’ new coconut milk lattes ‘hideous’

Starbuckscoconut milk lattes seemed to go down pretty well in the U.S. last year so hopes must have been high for the U.K. Unfortunately — if social media is anything to go by and it’s normally a fairly good indicator of public opinion — many haven’t held back when it comes to negative feedback.


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It’s pretty safe to say that Starbucks’ customers aren’t quite as excited as the company about the introduction of a new plant-based milk alternative.

Disappointed customers also vented on the Starbucks UK Facebook page.

“Tried the coconut lattee, quite possibly the most hideous concoction I’ve ever had the misfortune to drink! Back on soya latte! (sic)” posted Stuart John Wigham.

“Nasty flavour! Why not supply almond milk instead?? There’s no creamy sweet coconut goodness in this drink. It just tastes dirty,” wrote Kate Coughlan.

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However not everyone found the new milk hard to swallow — proving that it is, indeed, different strokes for different folks.

For those who have allergies and can’t take milk or soya in their hot drinks the addition of coconut milk to the Starbucks menu has been welcomed.

“Nice to see somewhere that uses coconut milk tbh, my daughter has a dairy and soya allergy and we can’t use any coffee shops in our town because they only have milk or soya as an option, (sic)” wrote Debbie Daisley.

In response to complaints that the coconut milk used by the coffee chain isn’t the healthiest option, a Starbucks representative listed the ingredients on Facebook: “Water, 10.4% coconut milk (24% fat), sugar, 2% coconut juice from concentrate. emulsifier E472c, stabilisers gellan gum and xanthan gum; acidity regulator sodium hydroxide carbonate. (sic)”

Ultimately we have to agree with Anthony Allure, who posted on Facebook: “Well no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to drink it. Go and make yourself a Gold Blend at home so you know ‘exactly’ what is in it.”

Alternatively, you could always make your own, 100 percent organic coconut milk at home.

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