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3 Boozy and gluten-free spiced-apple recipes

For a long time, I’ve been trying to tweak traditional and classic recipes. The idea of modernizing classic recipes has always excited me. It’s a great way to introduce a type of food that kids — and adults — dislike. These are not your common apple recipes. Spiced and slightly boozed apple-pie-filling recipes will make your taste buds tickle! I’ve figured out some mouthwatering apple recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. 

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1. Spiced whiskey and apple caramel sauce

Image: Honest Cooking

If you want to kick it up a notch, you should definitely try this gluten free spiced whiskey and caramel apple sauce. The smoky flavors blend beautifully with floral notes of orange. Sweet and smoky, the sauce can top endless dessert creations.

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2. Greek apple pie

Image: Gluten Free Home Bakery

A twist on a classic dessert! In Greece, we call this apple pie, but it’s something completely different than the American one. This is a Greek version of an apple pie, the gluten-free apple pie cake. The brown sugar, tender apples, fragrant spices and rum blend together in perfect harmony! That’s my dad’s recipe, which he created himself 20 years ago, and I keep on making it every year. It’s a gluten-free version with a little booze; without overpowering the main ingredients, rum adds a subtle smoky flavor.

3. Apple pie mochi doughnuts

Image: Gluten Free Home Bakery

Apple pie mochi doughnuts were the first doughnuts I’ve tried and my latest accomplishment. I made them after 10 years of celiac disease. Celiac disease was so difficult to deal with, especially when you are still a teenager and living in a country as small as Greece. Despite the difficulties, I created or recreated already existing recipes. Doughnuts have always been my big love — sweet, soft and fragrant, perfectly glazed with smooth filling. These aren’t just any kind of doughnut! The big surprise is the apple pie filling. Believe me, after the first one, you won’t stop eating them!

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