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Scottish fry-up staple black pudding is now a superfood, apparently

Fans of black pudding are probably used to seeing it with a side of fried egg, possibly served next to a couple of rashers of bacon and a pile of baked beans.

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Something like this:

Black pudding the new superfood?
Image: Ewan Munro/Flickr

Not the most healthy meal, right? But if you take away pretty much everything else on the plate you’re looking at the first big superfood of 2016.

At least that’s according to online health retailer, which has hailed black pudding as the “superstar” of the year. It’s packed with protein, is rich in iron and zinc (two minerals often missing from modern diets) and is very low in carbs.

So, although there is no legal or medical definition of what turns food into a superfood, it seems black pudding has all the nutritional benefits required to fit the bill.

“It’s been interesting to note how our customers are changing their ordering habits depending on the new buzz words in clean eating,” MuscleFood’s Darren Beale told The Metro.

The site’s superfood predictions for 2016 also include black beans, seaweed, mushrooms and avocado oil.

“Some of the foods we have named have been on the up for a while like avocado oil and maca root, but others like mushrooms and black pudding have been a total surprise to us,” Beale added.

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This news is great for black pudding fans and also for its producers, in particular Stornoway, which is well known for its black sausage. According to The Stornoway Gazette, the town’s Charles Macleod Butchers has seen orders for its famous delicacy rise significantly over the last few days, which may have something to do with this new superfood tag.

Lorna Maclennan, director of the butchers’ shop in Stornoway, said: “We have had a surge in the number of people ordering their black puddings direct. January is usually quiet, but we have had 100 orders with more coming in all the time.”

Just remember eating it like this will totally defeat its superfood powers: 

Black pudding the new superfood?
Image: Catrin Austin/Flickr

Don’t fancy black pudding for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Check out’s list of the top 16 superfoods for 2016: 

1. Black beans

2. Seaweed

3. Souping

4. Avocado oil

5. Natural sweeteners

6. Mushrooms

7. Plant-based proteins

8. Black pudding

9. Sprouted grains (unlike whole grains, they have begun germination so are easier to digest)

10. Maca root (Peruvian ginseng)

11. Kohlrabi (turnip cabbage, being hailed as the new kale)

12. Teff (the new ‘IT’ grain)

13. Black rice

14. Tree water

15. Sweet potato flour

16. Teres Major (a super-lean cut of meat)

Will you be adding black pudding to your diet this year? Let us know.

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