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Matcha power smoothie packs a nutritious (and delicious) punch

January is the perfect time to get back on track when it comes to health and fitness, and smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a nutrition boost. This matcha green tea smoothie packs a power punch with an amazing amount of vitamins and health benefits.

If you’re anything like me, you have no problem taking the whole of December as a “cheat month” and doing it guilt free. After all, I eat clean all year, hike almost every morning and put in regular time at the gym year-round.

Like many of you, I work full time, volunteer and have a family and household to manage. So between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I take a rest, eat whatever I please, enjoy every bit of it and don’t apologize (to myself or anyone else!). Life is about balance, right?

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 1
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

By the time New Year’s rolls around, I’m super motivated to gather new recipes, make big batches of homemade juices, hike bigger hills and do some kind of fast or cleanse. When I say “cleanse,” I simply mean going back to my normal clean eating, reminding myself I need to drink way more water (oh, how I hate drinking water!) and drinking juices and smoothies to replace meals when I’m on the go.

This power smoothie includes several ingredients that pack a power punch and would be great as a regular meal replacement. You won’t believe the health benefits in addition to how beautiful and delicious it is.

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 2
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

Here’s a health and nutrition breakdown…

Let’s talk about mango. It fights cancer, helps keep cholesterol in check, alkalizes the body, helps with weight loss due to its high fiber content and helps with digestion and eye care. On top of all that, it strengthens your immune system, which is perfect for cold and flu season. And if you put it on your face, it actually pulls toxins out and cleanses the skin, helping those struggling with acne. But natural skin care is another post for another day.

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 3
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

Kale is the latest rage, and for good reason. This superfood is one of my favorites, and I grow it year-round so I can pluck it out of the garden at any time and feast. There are too many health benefits to list, but for now, I’ll just say that most experts agree it’s probably the most powerful vegetable for your all-around health.

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 4
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

I’m a relative newbie when it comes to green tea, but it’s become a regular part of my diet this past year. A single serving of matcha green tea powder has the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea. This powerful drink boosts metabolism, burns calories, is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins and, wonder of all wonders, it’s said to be a great mood enhancer. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse and detoxifies your system naturally along with almost every other health benefit described above. This is some seriously powerful stuff. Not sure where to get it? I got mine here on Amazon .

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 5
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

Milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, which are not only important for bone and dental health when growing but also as we age. And we’re all at some stage of aging, right?

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 6
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

I could go on and on about pineapple. It has a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta carotene, thiamine, B6 and folate, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. One of the most incredible facts about pineapple in terms of health is its ability to reduce joint inflammation and muscles, particularly those associated with arthritis. Since one of my knees is broken (permanently), this is a good thing. My stage 4 arthritis could potentially be a major problem if I didn’t manage my health. And if you’re not interested in all the vitamin and mineral mumbo jumbo, let’s just say it’s incredibly tasty and sweet. Yay for pineapple!

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 7
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

So now that you know your ingredients and what they can do for you, let’s give it a whirl.

Matcha Green Tea Power Smoothie 8
Image: Mariko Giverink/SheKnows

Matcha green tea power smoothie recipe

If using fresh pineapple and mango, I recommend freezing the pieces before blending to make a nice, thick smoothie.

Yields 1 large smoothie

Total time: 5 minutes


  • 1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen mango slices
  • 1 cup raw kale (roughly chopped and packed into the measuring cup)
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice (try almond, coconut or soy milks for gluten-free, dairy-free versions)
  • 1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder (I purchased mine here )
  • Juice squeezed from 1/4 lemon


  1. To a blender, add all the ingredients, and blend until smooth.
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