Baby tastes bacon for the first time and loses his marbles over it (VIDEO)

Dec 29, 2015 at 12:44 p.m. ET
Image: Tyler Beacah/YouTube

Toddler Easton Beach's first taste of bacon was captured on camera, and by the looks of things, he was completely overwhelmed with joy. We can relate.

The family gathered around as Easton enjoyed one of the great pleasures in life, and he relished it in a way that will look very familiar for bacon lovers everywhere.

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I mean, who doesn't close their eyes in ecstasy and chant bacon's name every time they take a bite? There's even some bacon double-fisting as the little one tries to chow down on as much bacon as humanly possible in one mouthful. We've all been there (especially during the holidays!).

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The real spoiler alert for this kid? The magic never dissipates — bacon really does taste that incredible, every single time you have it.


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