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London’s first booze-free bar wants to help you get through Dry January

Have you committed to a Dryanuary? If so you’re one of millions who’ve decided to give up booze for the entire month of January. How many of those people stay sober for that long remains to be seen, of course.

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To make the challenge a little easier on yourself, it’s best to avoid your usual pub/wine bar hangouts. This is definitely the time to stay away from temptation and find some new, booze-free places to spend time.

One such place is perfect for those who are wholeheartedly embracing the healthy lifestyle this month. Not only is London bar Redemption alcohol-free, it’s also 100 percent vegan.

“We are creating a space away from temptation that still feels like a treat,” said the owners. “We’re challenging the convention that we need alcohol to lubricate every social occasion. But more than that, we’re providing a menu designed by a nutritional therapist which allows you to ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself.'”

Green is the New Black smoothie

Hangover-free shots

Apple mockjito

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The vegan food looks totally scrumptious too.

Sweet potato heaven

No animals were harmed in the making of this sushi

Relax, chocolate is still allowed.

Redemption’s owners claim to have the only sober, vegan bar not only in London but in the whole of the U.K. — which isn’t hard to believe. We are a nation of heavy-boozing meat eaters, after all, so it could take time for this trend to catch on.

But could Redemption be onto something? Is it only a matter of time before bars pop up in every British city promoting clean eating instead of cocktails?

Redemption opened in Notting Hill in July 2015 and its Shoreditch branch is coming soon.

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