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18 DIY flavored salt recipes to spice up your cooking (INFOGRAPHIC)

Spice up your life with flavored salts you can sprinkle on popcorn, rim cocktails with or season your favorite sweet or savory dishes.

Making your own flavored salts at home is easy, and it’s often far cheaper than buying the gourmet store-bought stuff. They make impressive hostess or housewarming gifts too.

Tips for making flavored salts

  • Place all the ingredients in a coffee grinder or small food processor, and pulse to process and combine.
  • When grinding liquids with salt, sprinkle the liquid over the salt rather than pouring in one area.
  • Some recipes with fresh ingredients may also require oven-drying. Spread them evenly and as thinly as possible on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and put them in an oven set to 170 to 180 degrees F for one to two hours or until they’re dried but not browning. If your salt is stuck together when it comes out of the oven, you can pulse it in the grinder or processor again.
flavored salts
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

To give them as gifts, just pour the finished products into a series of matching spice and herb shaker jars. (Put a little uncooked rice in the bottom, if desired, to absorb moisture.) Don’t fill them completely full — you should see a little empty space at the top, which makes it easier to shake out from beginning to end. Label each jar on the lid and on the front with a pretty label.

These customizable spice labels are really cute and can be used to cover the rather bright green tops of the Ball brand shakers I recommended. Buy a small gift box big enough to hold all the flavored salts you’re giving with about an inch between them, fill it with decorative paper filler strips, and place the jars about an inch apart inside, nestling them into the filler so they don’t move around. Make sure the label on the outside of the jar is facing forward.

The only thing you have to decide now is which of these DIY flavored salts you plan to give away — and which you’ll keep for yourself.

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