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This multicoloured cake changes colour when you move it (VIDEO)

Remember the dress that became a viral sensation because some people saw it as “white and gold” and others thought it was “blue and black?” Well, there’s a cake that follows a similar sort of concept, and it’s epic.

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The frosting on this multicoloured cake changes colour depending on the angle that you look at it, and if ever there was a baking masterpiece, we have to say this is it. The video, uploaded to Uberhumor’s Facebook page, first shows the frosting as a pink-and-purple combination, but when the cake is spun around, this quickly changes to a yellowy-green creation. So. Cool.

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And we aren’t the only ones amazed by this cake, as evident by the comments on the post. Comments include, “This cake is too special and beautiful to eat,” “Never seen any cake like that….#amazing” and “I would be to interested in spinning it than eating it haha but it looks delicious.”

Feast your eyes on the cake video below. Warning: You may be fixated on it for several minutes.

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While we’re seriously impressed with this cake, we can’t vouch for how delicious it is (or how multicoloured it will make your insides). Regardless, I’d like this creation on my wedding day. Or now.

Impressed? Still not over the changing colour dress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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