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This pizza gingerbread house gives us a new reason to play with our food

Gingerbread is a pretty seasonal flavour, but it’s not for everyone. Something that is for everyone is pizza, and we’re obsessed with this creation from Thrillist.

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Not all of us like sinking our teeth into gingerbread, and it’s often hard as a rock or soggy and gross — apologies to all the lovely bakers who do a wonderful job — but when it comes to pizza, our love affair is strong, and that’s why Thrillist‘s Carrie Dennis’ creation is becoming an Internet sensation.

What did she do? Only create the most awesome thing since sliced bread: a gingerbread-inspired house from pizza.

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Check out those pepperoni and olive roof tiles and the mushroom garden plants. Too. Awesome. This is definitely one house we wouldn’t mind living in (although it wouldn’t be around for long given our appetite for all things drenched in cheese). Yum!

And we aren’t the only ones who are seriously impressed.
Look, we love tradition and all the festive ones that come with the Christmas season, but pizza houses should definitely replace gingerbread ones. Thanks, Ms Dennis! If you want to make your very own, you should probably get in touch for the pizza-gingerbread grocery list.

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Will you be trying to re-create this at home? Are you as impressed by this house as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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