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Cadbury’s new Milk Tray flavours are seriously messing with our heads

If you’re the sort of chocolate purist who baulked when Cadbury replaced the Turkish Delight with the Apple Crunch earlier this year, you’re not going to be hugely impressed with the new flavours that have been developed to mark the 100th anniversary of Milk Tray.

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Chocolatiers in Birmingham have been experimenting with kale, wasabi and beetroot to mark the centenary of the iconic box of chocolates.

According to The Independent, the Kale Crème reflects the current trend for savoury/chocolate combos; the Beetroot Jelly is a nod to the superfood craze and the Wasabi Crunch is an acknowledgement of our love of Asian flavours.

Now we can get on board with all of those things — Beetroot Jelly sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a roast dinner — but not when they’re covered in milk chocolate.

A spokesperson said the company is trying to meet consumers’ “ever changing tastes and preferences.”

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Before you start stockpiling the latest version of Milk Tray, however, Dave Shepherd, head of research and development at Milk Tray (and owner of one of the coolest job titles ever: “chocolate inventor”), has said there are currently no plans for the new chocolates to go on sale.

“We like to think of it as akin to the fashion catwalk — we’re experimenting with ideas that won’t actually appear on the shelves,” he said. “Instead you may see new flavours inspired by these further down the line. This reflects how we’re always innovating to create the best possible products for our consumers, developing hundreds of flavours before selecting the winning few.

The Milk Tray story began in 1915 when Cadbury introduced it to the U.K. and it remains one of their longest-running brands. And really, why mess with a good thing? It’s not that we’re completely against trying contemporary chocolate concoctions — chocolate is chocolate, after all — but, unless the people at Milk Tray are planning to increase the size of the box, we’re not happy about sacrificing a Perfect Praline or a Truffle Heart for anything with kale in it.

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