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Sci-fi fan’s ‘food art’ pays tribute to Star Wars 7 (PHOTOS)

Chef Andy Kelly has one other major passion in life: Star Wars. So he’s combined his two loves and created some very special “food art,” which has movie buffs from across the world trying to order his impressive dishes.

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Kelly originally became a chef to pay his way through art school, reported the Daily Mail. But he then realised his culinary skills were on a par with his artistic talents and decided to dabble in some “food art.”

As a huge Star Wars fan, 37-year-old Kelly has based his latest collection on The Force Awakens. Every creation is a one-off to celebrate the release of the film and they don’t only look amazing — they sound like they’ll taste incredible too. Chocolate, vanilla ice cream, coconut Chantilly, pistachio and espresso are just some of the ingredients the chef has used in his sci-fi puds.

Gin and tonic lightsabre

“Petite force”
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Inspired by Planet Hoth

Planet Endor-themed plate

Amaretto cheesecake Millenium Falcon and ganache Vader
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