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Parisian baker gives bread a leopard-print makeover and it’s awesome

There’s nothing sexy about bread — until now. A Paris-born baker called Patricia Nascimento has created a custom-made dough with vanilla and chocolate and the result is the most glamorous looking loaf we’ve ever seen.

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When it comes to animal print leopard has to be at the top of the list. Everyone from Mel B to Kate Moss (not to forget EastEnders‘ Pat Butcher) has embraced leopard print at one time or another and now it’s been replicated in dough form.

Nascimento, whose Instagram account is our new mouth-watering food porn destination — has shared her recipe, which combines three different doughs — vanilla, light chocolate and dark chocolate — to create a bread that may just be too beautiful to eat.

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The recipe for “Leopard Patches Bread Loaf” involves creating seven balls of each of the three doughs, then making long sausages out of the light chocolate dough balls. You then roll out the dark chocolate dough and wrap it around each one, followed by the vanilla dough. After cutting each sausage in half, you leave them to rise before baking them together in one bread tin.

As well as her amazing leopard-print bread, Nascimento has done some other pretty incredible things with dough.

Watermelon bread

Sweet potato bread

Red bean bread

Giraffe patches bread

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