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Coffee company dares to make Grumpy Cat grumpier than ever


SheKnows Editorial

Grumpy Cat is always grumpy, but this time it looks like she has a legit reason to be.

I never thought I’d be so invested in the legal actions of someone else’s cat, but when you add coffee into the mix, I am so there.

Grumpy Cat Ltd. (the brand behind the Instagram-famous cat) gave coffee company Grenade Beverage LLC permission to use our favorite frowning feline’s face to market a drink called “Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino.” However, it denied a request from Grenade to use Grumpy Cat to market a line of coffee beans — which the company went ahead and did anyway.

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I mean, I’d be kind of grumpy about this too. Why bother asking if you were just going to do whatever you wanted anyway? Now Grumpy Cat Ltd. is suing the company for damages of $100,000 and is also requesting a jury trial. Now, if you’re a juror, who are you going to side with: beverage company or curmudgeonly cat? Most people try to settle out of court for convenience’s sake, but it looks like the company representing Grumpy Cat doesn’t mind a little more time in the spotlight.

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Even its official complaint seems created to entertain the public. Its opening paragraph reads: “Ironically, while the world-famous feline Grumpy Cat and her valuable brand are most often invoked in a tongue-and-cheek fashion, Defendants’ despicable misconduct here has actually given Grumpy Cat and her owners something to be grumpy about.” Definitely more interesting than most legal documents I’ve come across.

Grenade Beverage has its claws out too. The company told Eater that it “can’t comment [on the case] other than to say there isn’t a single factual allegation contained in the entire complaint, not one.”

So the cycle of grumpiness continues. Grumpy Cat is grumpy over the infringement, Grenade Beverage is grumpy over the lawsuit, and we’re — you guessed it — grumpy that we’ll probably never be able to get our hands on Grumpy Cat coffee after all.

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