Sliced chocolate singles are the best thing since Nutella

We love chocolate: chocolate puddings, chocolate-covered potato chips, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate almonds — oh, and even chocolate on bread. But the latest creation from Japan is transforming chocolate as we know it.

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The Japanese are always coming up with unique food ideas, but this one may be the best yet: sliced chocolate. Oh, the chocolaty goodness!

The idea is the brainchild of Bourbon, a Japanese brand well known for its delicious treats, and it’s selling 2-millimetre-thick slices of “rich, deep, melting-in-the-mouth smooth ganache.”


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To use this chocolate, all you do is peel off the plastic film, and it’s good to go — and free to be used in pastry, on crackers, pancakes and even toast.

But the best thing about these slices is that you can buy in bulk with a pack of 60. Because really, life is too short to limit the amount of chocolate slices you eat. However, if you can’t eat them all at once, they do have a shelf life of six months.

So what does this chocolate taste like?

It’s been described as “full-bodied and rich,” but don’t serve these to the kids because each slice is packed with 1.3 per cent alcohol.

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The good news? All this can be yours for 3,240 yen (the equivalent of $37). The bad news? They are currently sold out. But we’re sure Bourbon will have more stock soon.

Is this the best thing you’ve seen since sliced bread? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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