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How to fake-cook this holiday season, just like Khloé Kardashian

Everyone’s fave Kardashian sis, Khloé, has been busted by TMZ, trying to pass off gourmet bakery pies as her own.

Turns out the pies Khloé photographed and posted as part of her holiday spread are actually pies from LA bakery Sweet Lady Jane. Whatevs.

Here’s Khloé’s fake-baked spread. She posted it with this caption: “I love testing myself and seeing what I can accomplish and actually make successfully! Now let’s pray it tastes as great as they look!” Pretty funny stuff.

And here are the pies from Sweet Lady Jane.

Sweet Lady Jane Pies
Image: Sweet Lady Jane

They’re identical. Nailed.

Khloé is getting all sorts of shade for passing off the Thanksgiving pies as her own, but c’mon! Everyone’s busy around the holidays — what’s the shame in slipping a little store-bought help into your holiday feast? Sure, there are plenty of purists out there who would never resort to this kind of shortcut. But if you’re a busy gal like Khloé, here are a few simple store-bought holiday foods you can easily pass off as your own in a pinch.

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1. Rolls

Buy the rolls, warm them up in the oven, put them in a bread basket, and cover them lovingly with a napkin.

2. Tamales

Reheat them in a Crock-Pot and a little water to create some steam, and everyone will swear you’re the best mamacita around.

3. Cookies

Arrive at your cookie swap with a plate heaping with store-bought cookies topped with canned icing and sprinkles.

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4. Spinach and artichoke dip

Don’t make a mess in your kitchen — just hollow out a round of Sheepherder’s bread, and plop in some store-bought dip.

5. Spiced nuts

People will think you’ve been boiling nuts all day if you pop spiced nuts into a low-heat oven to warm the coating and give the whole house a delicious smell.

6. Latkes

Frying up latkes is a whole latke work. Just buy them from an authentic deli or restaurant, and reheat them quickly in the oven to crisp up the outsides. Top with sour cream and applesauce.

7. Ham

Brands like Boar’s Head sell glazes that will kick your store-bought ham into high gear. Just glaze the ham in the oven for a few minutes, and pull it out like a legit Betty Crocker.

8. Swedish meatballs

Buy premade Swedish meatballs, top them with an easy gravy made from cream of mushroom soup, some sour cream, and serve over egg noodles you boil at the last minute.

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9. Fudge

Store-bought fudge cut into pieces and arranged on a platter look identical to homemade and are just as delicious as the stuff right from Nana’s kitchen. For a little something extra, toast a few walnuts in a skillet, give them a rough chop, and sprinkle them on top of the fudge.

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