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Candy cane vodka shots will definitely make your spirits bright

Picture this: You’re trimming your tree, happy as can be, when suddenly the cat takes a flying leap into the middle of it and knocks the whole thing over. My advice? Gather up those scattered candy canes, and stuff them into a bottle of vodka, stat.

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Candy canes always seem like a good idea. There’s a certain nostalgia surrounding them — they remind us of childhood traditions, singing carols and waiting up for Santa — but have you really stopped to evaluate them as an adult?

Nine times out of 10 they’re stale, sticky or, inexplicably, both. You work that end into a sharp point just because that’s what you do, not because you really enjoy it.

candy cane vodka shots
Image: Oh, Bite It!

All that changes this year. Candy cane vodka, my friends. More specifically, candy cane vodka shots. Complete with a festive candy cane-encrusted rim. Even if your peppermint sticks are stale, you won’t care.

There’s nothing to this recipe… it is literally candy canes dissolved in vodka. Bonus points for putting it in adorable little bottles and adorning said bottles with cute stickers. If you can manage to not drink it all yourself, consider gifting your homemade liqueur. This is one handmade gift your friends and family will actually want.

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Cheers to holiday spirit(s)!

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