Kosher wines for Hanukkah that will make you forget all about Manischewitz

Dec 8, 2015 at 2:15 p.m. ET
Image: Klaus Vedfeldt/Getty Images

Kosher wine has come a long way since your bubbe's Manischewitz. Here are eight vintages that will hold up to your succulent brisket and latkes.

We've paired two (or more) wines with each dish you might be serving this holiday.

1. The Hagafen Cabernet Franc ($39) is a rich, earthy red that should complement a roast brisket well. Its Don Ernesto’s Crescendo table red would also be a good pick. All of Hagafen's wines are kosher as well as yayin mevushal via its flash pasteurization process, by the way.

2. A more modestly priced kosher cabernet is the Barkan Classic ($14), a full-bodied wine with berry flavors from a vineyard in northern Israel.

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3. Fruity, creamy, yet dry, Bartenura Prosecco ($17) is a good pick for latkes. You want something light and sparkling, but not too sweet.

4. Another option for latkes is Spanish cava Castell D’olerdola Brut ($19), an elegant sparkling wine with hints of lemon and cream.

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5. If you’re serving salmon or poultry, try the crisp, citrusy Weinstock Chardonnay ($11)

6. Also good with fish or fowl is the Goose Bay Sauvingon ($20), with its notes of exotic fruit. It should pair well with cheese as well.

7. For dessert, there’s the popular, late-harvest grape Binyamina Late Harvest Gewürztraminer ($21).

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8. Also lovely for dessert is Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat ($22), from California grapes. You could serve it on its own or with chocolate or cheese. Herzog also has a Late Harvest Chenin Blanc ($24).

A good online source for kosher wines is — no surprise — And Kosher Wine Society has loads of articles and a handy food and wine pairing tool. Enjoy your feast — l'chaim!

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