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5 Cookies that will delight at all your holiday parties

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much live on cookies year round. Thick and chewy or flat and thin, I don’t discriminate.

During the holidays, they’re everywhere. They’re hanging out on office desks, multiple boxes are stacked in the pantry, restaurant counters stack them up under glass and bake sales line the holiday shopping paths. A nibble here, a dunk there — this is the time when I become a cookie connoisseur. My taste buds and stomach don’t have time for anything mediocre.

I’ve done the hard work for us — you’re welcome — and picked out five treats to bake, or just click and order, for the cookie lover in your life.

1. Deuvo’s chewy oatmeal praline

I’ve always felt that oatmeal cookies could do better than just raisins. Add some cornflakes and spiced pecans to the mix, and you have something really interesting happening in every bite. Order them online. (Deuvo Gourmet Sweets, $4)

2. Fresh blueberry white chocolate brown butter cookies

This recipe by Keep It Sweet Desserts uses fresh blueberries, giving them a gorgeous purplish hue. How cool do you sound saying, “brown butter?”

3. Chocolate chunk lactation cookies

No, I’m not pregnant, nor am I lactating. However, this is my go-to cookie option for nursing mothers who don’t want another casserole for the freezer. How Sweet It Is uses a combo of brewers yeast, coconut oil and flax to get those juices flowing. Even if you’re not nursing, they still taste really good.

4. Cake mix candy bar-stuffed cookies

If you’re a lazy baker like me and prefer not to measure things, let a box mix do all the work for you. Just three ingredients, plus your favorite candy bars, and I assure you people will be freaking out. Plus, it’s a fun party game for people to guess what’s inside.

5. Milk Jar cookies

One of my favorite places in Los Angeles: It has impossibly thick and chewy cookies, with classic flavors and fun seasonal ones, too. If you live in town, you can even have them delivered with milk! If not, they ship anywhere in the country, and they have a Cookie of the Month Club. I call owner Courtney Cowan the cookie Queen — she even shared a few easy baking tips in this video

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