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Edible Christmas jumper puts our homemade Christmas pudding to shame

It’s the Christmas jumper to end all Christmas jumpers — and it tastes great. Pro baker Juliet Sear has created a festive sweater that’s 100 percent edible.

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The masterpiece took over 50 hours to craft and required 10 kilograms of icing, 5 kilograms of marzipan and 1 kilogram of chocolate. And it also has the garish design we’ve grown to expect from the average seasonal sweater.

Juliet Sear, founder of Fancy Nancy bakery in Essex, collaborated with baking company Dr. Oetker to make the red, white and green zigzag-patterned cake jumper, which also has edible ball bearings and iced gem decoration around the collar, sleeves and bottom.

And the icing on the cake (ahem) is Rudolf with his red marzipan nose and snow-topped antlers.

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The only question we have is how the hell did the model get the jumper on? We’re guessing it was crafted around her body and then, um, eaten off?

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the “world’s first edible Christmas jumper”: 

If you’re feeling inspired, but don’t think your baking skills are quite up to this level, check out the edible Christmas jumper tutorial from retailer Primark. All you need are chocolate coins, candy canes, a needle, thread and your favourite festive sweater.

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