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11 Brilliant Thanksgiving cooking tips from celebrity chefs

Looking for last-minute Thanksgiving cooking tips from famous chefs? Consider Twitter your celeb chef hotline.

You’d be surprised how often even the busiest, best-known celeb chefs will take the time to respond to tweeted cooking questions from ordinary people like you and me. If you’ve got a burning query, chances are someone may have already answered it on Twitter. Just look under your favorite chefs’ feeds. Here are a few tips we found especially helpful.

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Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 3

Tip 4

Tip 5

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Tip 6

Tip 7

Tip 8

Tip 9

Tip 10

Tip 11

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If you want to get some tips of your own, here’s the best approach for getting an answer from a chef:

  • Make sure that chef is active on Twitter — and doesn’t just tweet promotional stuff.
  • Be a fan. Favorite or retweet any of that chef’s tweets you found especially helpful.
  • Tweet when the chef is on Twitter. Take a look at the chef’s Twitter stream, and see if they tend to be on at certain times of the day or days of the week.
  • To address that chef, use their handle within your tweet, but not as the first word. We know this is Twitter 101, but just in case you didn’t know…
  • If you have a follow-up question about something the chef already tweeted, use the reply function so it stays within the thread.
  • Don’t stalk or harass the chef. Sometimes people are busy, or they overlook a question. Be patient, and try again after a while.
  • Make sure you’re not asking a question the chef has already answered.
  • Say “thank you” if the chef does answer your question!

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