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Frozen avocado is the new, lazy-girl life hack we can’t do without

Avocado fans have been preaching about the benefits of the creamy green fruit for years.

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Unlike most fruits, which contain mostly carbohydrates, avocados contain lots of fat — but as we all know it’s a “good fat”, in that it’s mainly the monounsaturated type, which is believed to help lower so-called “bad” cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

Other good stuff packed into avocados includes vitamin E, iron and potassium (40 percent more than bananas, BTW, which typically steal the potassium limelight in the fruit bowl).

So there’s no denying it’s extremely healthy and nutritious. It’s just a shame it’s a pain in the ass to prepare, right?

It’s no surprise that stone fruits, like the avocado, are responsible for over 50,000 tonnes of waste a year. The main issue is timing — in my experience, there only seems to be a window of around 20 minutes when an avocado is in the optimum state to be consumed. Miss this, and you end up with a big pile of soggy brown mush. Which does not make for desirable guacamole.

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Avocados are also pretty tricky to handle even when perfectly ripe. So Tesco has decided to save us all from future avocado disasters and are providing it peeled, de-stoned and ready for eating as soon as it thaws out.
According to Tesco frozen produce buyer, Marianne Aitken, customers told the supermarket that “they often struggle with fresh avocados at home, as they go off very quickly, which can result in food waste”.

Dr Richard Swannell, the director of the government’s waste advisory body, Wrap, told The Guardian: “We welcome the use of innovative technology and new approaches in helping tackle food waste — in the home and the supply chain. While we do not advise consumers to freeze whole avocados at home, as it can impair their texture, the adoption of ‘fast freezing’ of avocados by the supplier is a very different process.”

If this news doesn’t have you reaching for your ’70s recipe book already, this might be the clincher: The frozen avocados will be cheaper than the fresh fruit, at £2.50 for nine halves.

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