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How to decide if you should brine your Thanksgiving turkey (INFOGRAPHIC)

It’s the question every Thanksgiving cook must answer: Are you going to brine your turkey?

Every year, cooks everywhere obsess over this food prep technique touted for its supposed ability to impart superlative juiciness and flavor to your roasted bird. But come on — is it really worth the trouble?

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That depends on a few things. To make your decision easier, we created this turkey brine decision flowchart.

should you brine your turkey flowchart
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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So there you go — hope you’ve gotten a little clarity on this important dilemma. Try this recipe If you’re going with a wet brine. And if you’re going with a dry brine, try this one. Of course, you may end up deciding you cannot be bothered, that brining is silly and that you have far more interesting things to do. Hey, we get it! It’s just a meal, after all. So enjoy your bird no matter how you prep it.

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