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ICYMI: Mother pranks daughter with a ‘pregnant’ turkey (VIDEO)

This viral video is a few years old, but the laughs it supplies never get old. If you’re hosting a rube or two this year for Thanksgiving, it’s not too late to pull this prank on them.

Don’t you hate it when you’re getting ready to trim the Thanksgiving turkey, reaching deep inside its cavity to pull out all of that delicious stuffing, only to learn that the poor thing was pregnant? There is truly nothing sadder than reaching into a turkey and pulling out a little baby turkey.

Good thing it could never really happen. Just don’t tell that to the poor prank victim in this video from two years ago, who is so upset over the prospect of murdered baby birds that she forgets that turkeys, like all birds, lay eggs.

Or that all turkeys, including baby turkeys, have, you know, heads. You have to appreciate how dedicated the mother is to this prank. She keeps the camera trained on her daughters and doesn’t break character even once until her gullible daughter starts sobbing. It almost seems cruel. But more than that, it’s hilarious. And you should definitely do it.

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Using the same basic principle of turducken, it’s pretty easy to pull this classic prank on your own family members this year. All you need is a turkey, small fowl, like a Cornish game hen or squab, and a sucker. Just place the smaller bird inside the cavity of the big one, cover it with stuffing, and let the oven work its magic. Then, ask your unsuspecting victim to unstuff the bird when it’s finished cooking, and enjoy the look on their face when they realize they’re responsible for cooking a turkey that was in the family way. Have they no heart? Fortunately salty tears make a wonderful brine for a more succulent Thanksgiving turkey.

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We’d also like to recommend that you go ahead and ratchet this prank up to 11 by stuffing your “baby” bird with a hard-boiled egg, because double the trauma, double the fun! Don’t forget to get a video of whichever gullible patsy you pull this on. Together, we can make the pregnant turkey prank a Thanksgiving tradition.

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And remember, kids: If someone is really invested in having you scoop the stuffing out of a turkey-hole, they could be trying to pull one over on you. Don’t fall for it.

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