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12 Flavored cream cheeses you’ll want to schmear on everything (INFOGRAPHIC)

Make your everyday breakfast bagel better with a schmear of homemade flavored cream cheese.

You can also spread your creation on crackers, use it on sandwiches, dip your favorite veggies in it… you might even be tempted to sneak a spoonful of it every time you open the fridge (and we can look the other way on that one so long as you use a clean spoon each time!).

Making flavored cream cheese is simple. Let an 8-ounce block of your favorite brand of cream cheese (or Neufchâtel for a third less fat) soften on the counter for 30 minutes. Blocks may soften faster if you cut them into smaller cubes. Don’t leave softened cream cheese at room temperature for much longer than it takes to make the flavored cream cheese.

Then use a spoon or knife to fold your ingredients into the cream cheese. Either use the flavored cream cheese immediately, or put it back in the fridge to use later. It will be good for five to 10 days.

flavored cream cheese infographic
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

Some recipes inspired by:, Pioneer Woman, What Jew Wanna Eat, Martha Stewart, Good Cheap Eats, The Three Little Piglets, Back to Her Roots, Saveur, AllRecipes

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