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Blogger’s boozy hot chocolate recipe will blow your mind

If there was ever any doubt that we’re a world of chocaholics, a blogger has received over four million hits on her blog for her indulgent hot chocolate recipe.

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Ashlie Dunn, from North Shields, Tyneside, posted the 4-ingredient recipe on her blog, Sugar Rushed, and has been swamped with messages from chocolate lovers across the world.

The mum-of-two says on her blog that Nutella is her “favourite thing in the world” (she eats it by the jar) and the chocolate hazelnut spread is an ingredient in her popular concoction, which also includes cocoa powder, milk and single cream.

What makes this recipe a little different to the usual hot chocolate offerings is that it’s made in a slow cooker — or a “chocolate station,” as Dunn calls it.

Sugar Rushed chocolate station
Image: Sugar Rushed

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“My recipe went crazy, it just went viral,” Dunn told the Daily Mail. “I put the recipe on my blog and added cream because my boys like it creamy. I describe it as a ‘chocolate station’, where I make it in a slow cooker and people can help themselves and add all the trimmings as they wish. Although it was for Bonfire Night, I made it a little Christmassy and everyone has gone crazy about it, saying they are going to make it for Christmas festivals and winter parties.”

Dunn is amazed at the fuss her recipe has caused overseas. “I am getting requests from people in America asking what a slow cooker is and if a crock-pot will do, and they don’t know what single cream is,” she said.

Sugar Rushed Nutella hot chocolate
Image: Sugar Rushed

What we’re really interested in, though, is the rather more grown-up version of this drink. Dunn suggests adding Malibu, Baileys, Cointreau or Peppermint Schnapps for the ultimate boozy hot chocolate.

Sugar Rushed Nutella hot chocolate
Image: Sugar Rushed

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