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Ben & Jerry’s nondairy ice cream is finally coming to a store near you


SheKnows Editorial

The news of Ben & Jerry’s new almond milk ice cream is pretty much making every vegan’s day.

Ben & Jerry’s is such a beloved ice cream brand that it’s almost synonymous with certain life experiences. Bad breakup? Grab some Ben & Jerry’s. Girls’ night watching movies? Ben & Jerry’s. Sick and tired of cheap grocery store brand ice cream? You know you’re gonna reach for that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

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But until now, people who don’t eat dairy would have to reach for a specialty brand of nondairy ice cream. Many of these are nondairy ice creams from small companies, and all too often they’re thin and icy, with none of the richness you’d expect from a $6-plus pint of ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s promises to change all that. It’s not a niche brand — it is one of the best major ice cream makers in the country. Its new ice cream promises to be 100 percent vegan, and after rigorous testing (soy milk, cashew milk and who knows what else), the company has decided that almond milk is the best base for its dairy-free option. It provides “the best blank canvas to carry the funky chunks and swirls that you know and love,” flavor guru Kirsten Schimoler said in a statement. Vegan funky chunks and swirls? Count me so, so in!

So often the vegan option is also “healthy,” but I can only hope that a company known for throwing as much candy, fudge and caramel as possible into its ice creams will do the same for its vegan ice cream. Vegan “Everything But The…”? Vegan “Half Baked”? If anyone can do it, Ben & Jerry’s can, so bring it on. From heartbreaks to birthday cakes, vegans and non-vegans alike can finally rely on a trusty pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

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