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Police officer is concerned about gin and tonic crisps, but nobody else is

If you’re partial to a gin and tonic you can now have it in a rather crunchier form than normal, by grabbing yourself a bag of Aldi’s new gourmet, hand-cooked gin and tonic flavoured crisps.

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Exciting, huh? Well, not for everyone. PC McNaney, a police officer from Durham’s Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit, has made her concerns over these crisps public by asking on Twitter, “what message does this give to children?”

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Predictably few on Twitter shared her view.

Let’s face it — it’s highly unlikely anyone wanting to get drunk is going to buy these crisps when Aldi has a whole aisle of the hard stuff.

In other alcohol-flavoured-potato-snack-related news, just a fortnight ago Tesco launched its prosecco and elderberry flavoured crisps.

However Marks & Spencer has to be declared the reigning posh/boozy crisp champion. Their winter berries and processo hand-cooked crisps even come with edible gold stars.

What do you think of these fancy alcohol-flavoured crisps? Let us know in the comments below.

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