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Burger King could become your new happy hour spot


SheKnows Editorial

Burger King is trying to become the first fast-food chain in the U.K. to sell alcohol.

The fast-food chain has applied for “drinks licenses” at four of its 654 locations in the U.K. and would specifically be serving up beer (in plastic bottles, natch) from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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It’s a genius sales strategy — I’m pretty sure the only time I find myself craving BK is after I’ve knocked back a few drinks (those paper crowns become increasingly hilarious too). The more beer you drink, the more likely you are to splurge on all the fast food your heart desires instead of sticking to a side salad and grilled chicken sandwich off the value menu. After a couple of beers, what’s to stop you from ordering that Oreo shake for dessert?

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Burger King is no stranger to serving booze at its restaurants. The chain already has a few locations in the U.S. and abroad that serve alcohol. In South Beach, Las Vegas and Kansas City, you can enjoy a burger and brew at one of its kiosk-style Whopper Bars.

Now that you can get tipsy at Taco Bell, sip wine at Starbucks and drink beer at Burger King, it makes me wonder what’s next. Mint juleps at KFC? Sazeracs at Popeyes? Either way, this trend is exciting — any excuse to combine two vices into one, am I right?

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