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New brand of vodka is made entirely from fresh milk

Fancy giving your favourite vodka tipple a dairy twist? Marks & Spencer is making it easy for you with their unusual version of the popular spirit: vodka made entirely from fresh Dorset milk.

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The Black Cow Pure Milk vodka comes from West Country farmer Jason Barber, who got his inspiration for the drink from reading about the Mongolian nomads who created their own vodka from the milk of their mares, reports the Daily Mail.

After trying various different methods Barber eventually came up with his (top secret) formula for creating a pure spirit from the milk of his herd of grass-grazed cows. He captures the whey and ferments it into a “milk beer” in his rural distillery.

Marks & Spencer vodka made from milk
Image: M&S

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It certainly sounds delicious. “What we’re really proud of is the creamy taste of the vodka, it just doesn’t leave that burning taste in your throat,” said Paul Archard, Barber’s neighbour and business partner. “It’s very easy to drink over ice without a mixer, the little bit of ice breaks into the milky taste. That’s the only dangerous part, how easy it is to drink — and it’s really quite moreish.”

And the news just keeps getting better: apparently pure milk vodka is far less likely to leave the drinker with a hangover than regular versions. “Jason loves vodka and he always says if you drink high quality vodka the hangover isn’t as bad when you need to do the milking in the morning,” said Archard.

“We could not resist introducing this fantastically inventive product to our growing spirits range,” said Emma Dawson, M&S Spirits Buyer. “Consumers are increasingly interested in supporting local businesses and sourcing their food from close to home, and it is amazing that we can now apply this attitude to spirits. This vodka has a great story behind it but it also tastes fantastic; because it is made with milk it has a beautifully smooth texture and unique creamy character.”

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