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Getting kids to eat everything on their plate is simpler than you think

Every single night, there’s something for one of us.

As a family of seven, our lives are busy.

Very busy.

The boys are involved in swim team, which is four nights, and they’re on the pool deck for over two hours. They also have CCD every Monday night and (not to mention) homework Monday through Thursday nights too! My daughter is in a couple of activities in the evenings. And between me and my husband and our work schedules, we’re super busy and life just gets, well, crazy to balance sometimes.

But… within all that, there’s one thing that I make sure we do every night together, and that’s eat dinner.

It’s important for us to come together every night and share and laughs and communicate about the day. I really like to make sure this happens because it’s a great way to keep us connected and bonded. Here’s the thing though about dinnertime: with all of our activities, I need to make sure that dinner is easy to prepare and healthy. Since we’re always on the go, it would be easy to just grab takeout through a drive-thru, but I don’t want that for my kids (or me and my husband!). I want to make sure that my kids are getting healthy balanced meals that will be good for them and that they will enjoy and find fun.

Ever since the boys were toddlers, they’ve loved Tyson Chicken Nuggets. My kids can be picky eaters, but through it all, they all love nuggets, which is great for me because it’s something that all can agree on and get excited about eating. I am absolutely obsessed with the Tyson Whole Grain Fun Nuggets, because they are made with whole grain breading and bring the fun and nutrition to the dinner table, which I love (as do my kids!).

Family Eating
Image: JGI/Jamie Grill

With dinner, there are really two goals that I want for my kids:

  1. Love what they’re eating, so they will clear their plates
  2. Healthy choices for them

The great thing about Tyson Whole Grain Fun Nuggets, is that my kids love the fun shapes and think they’re so cool. I personally love the white meat chicken and whole grain breading with the essential nutrients. I love to pair them with fun side dishes too — which is always fun for my kids. I’ll make grape skewers for them and add in strawberries or blueberries or even apples! They love seeing me prepare them like this and I really think they love the bold colors too. Sometimes, I’ll even prepare each of them a bowl of applesauce and take cinnamon and make a smiley face or make a letter in each bowl of their initial! They always get a kick out of that too. If it’s a veggie night, I’ll do a mystery meal where I’ll cover the veggie and make them guess after a bite! They love this! I know that kids enjoy eating when it’s made fun, and I love that Tyson Foods recognizes this and wants to make eating fun but healthy and delicious! I know that dinnertime for them is never boring at all; and at the same time, they’re clearing their plates! It’s a win-win!

Also… another huge plus for parents, Tyson nuggets are super easy to make and prepare, whether you’re using a microwave or a conventional oven!

Can’t beat that!

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Tyson Foods and SheKnows.

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