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Tips and tricks to providing healthier options at meal-time

Busy and moms go hand in hand.

Image: Lori Pace/SheKnows

At least, all moms I know are always on the go. To be honest, I really don’t know how we do it. As a single mom who is the only one helping with homework, cleaning up the house, refereeing the conflicts and paying the bills, I find that meal time can sometimes be an added stress. I often look up from my desk and realize that I have not thought about dinner for my hungry girls and am now on a time crunch. That is why I like to keep go-to foods in my pantry and freezer to feed the kids. But just because I am short on time does not mean I have to be short on nutrition! Along with Tyson Whole Grain Fun Nuggets, I have veggies, fruits and other foods ready to go to help my kids eat a more balanced meal!

Image: Lori Pace/SheKnows

Tyson Whole Grain Fun Nuggets, made with white meat are an awesome base to any snack, lunch or dinner. Since they are made with whole grains, I feel better adding them to the plate. As a quick snack, they are awesome alone or with a dip that has some hidden veggies!

Add veggies to dips that kids love to use with their nuggets. For example, blend carrots and broccoli into creamy ranch!

Image: Lori Pace/SheKnows

My kids have no idea that their favorite dip has a little extra nutrition in it! A few on a plate with some dip is a great after school snack that won’t ruin dinner!

Precut veggies and fruits after you get back from the grocery store and put them in single serve baggies to add to the plate quickly

As part of a quick lunch, Tyson Whole Grain Fun Nuggets, make it easy to still let your kids have the nuggets they want without the added grease and mystery ingredients at the drive through! To add nutrition to the plate, I precut veggies and fruit when I get home from the store and just open them and add them to the plate. Nuggets, apple slices and carrots make a fast and easy lunch any child would love and any mom can feel good about feeding them!

Use creative plates to teach them how to get all of the food groups on one plate; protein, fruit, veggies and starch

Image: Lori Pace/SheKnows

My kids are at an age where they will still listen to mom. So, any chance I get to teach them about food groups or how to read the package of a product to understand the ingredients is a great thing! We have some place-mats that have the food groups on them. For dinner, as we are all sitting around enjoying a meal, I will sometimes lay their food out on these mats to help them understand a balanced meal. Creative serving of foods can entertain and entice children to try something new or to eat something they may not think they like.

In addition, I love showing children the labels on foods and talking about what they mean. Kids have no idea what ingredients make up their favorite foods. The earlier you start this process the more kids will understand how the food that goes into their bodies is made!

Image: Lori Pace/SheKnows

As a daily task, I try to incorporate easy and quick-to-prepare whole-grain and low-fat foods into my children’s diets no matter how busy I am. Having good foods on hand that are fun and better for their diets like Tyson Fun Nuggets made with white meat for dinner, popcorn for a snack and banana with whole-grain toast for breakfast makes it so much easier on a busy mom like me!

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Tyson Foods and SheKnows.

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