Caramel apple Fireball shots — the ultimate Halloween treat for big kids

Oct 27, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

The only thing more fun than finding the perfect costume for Halloween is figuring out how to celebrate in the most delectable way — preferably with lots of treats.

This year, might we suggest a fusion of the ultimate Halloween treat and every adult's favorite shooter?

Oh, Bite It! truly knows how to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, as evidenced by these totally irresistible-looking caramel apple Fireball shots.

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They have the same tart crispness and ooey-gooey candy of your traditional caramel apple, but for an extra boost of confidence that'll help you brave whatever Halloween night has in store, there's a bit of Fireball whisky in each bite.

caramel apple fireball shots
Image: Oh, Bite It!

Best of all, they're really simple to make. No slaving over a pot of sugar, praying it will turn into caramel (and that you'll get it off the stove before it starts to burn), no sticky fingers as you try desperately to get the caramel to adhere to the slippery skin of your apples.

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All you need are some store-bought caramels, apples that you hollow out with a melon baller, a bottle of Fireball and some pectin. Pectin is the secret ingredient that keeps the Fireball-infused caramel firm enough to take a real bite out of, meaning you get more in your mouth and less on your new Halloween costume.

We can all agree that the only scary thing about making these Halloween treats is how quickly they'll disappear.

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