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Boozy new advent calendar puts the ‘jolly’ in Christmas

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to see what was behind the numbered doors on your advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas? Well, it’s time to experience the excitement all over again — except this time it’s with gin.

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Yes, forget chocolate. We’re talking hard booze to get you through the festive build-up this year — namely the 2015 Ginvent Calendars, by Gin Foundry in collaboration with Drinks by the Dram.

The Ginvent Calendar 2015 (£115) and the Botanical Ginvent Calendar 2015 (£125) each contain 24 three centilitre samples of gin from leading distilleries around the world and aim to help you “understand the various relationships between botanicals and how they come together to make GIN!”

In addition to the taste sensation, every day new information about the gin you’re drinking will be revealed on the company’s website,

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The standard Ginvent Calendar includes Pickering’s Navy Strength Gin, Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin, Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin and Hayman’s London Dry.

According to Master of Malt some of the tastes you can expect in the Botanical range include juniper, nutmeg, Manuka honey, fresh pink grapefruit peel and dried elderberries.

What could possibly be more exciting than discovering a little sample of fantastic gin each day in the lead up to Christmas? Nothing — except the addition of olives and a martini glass, perhaps.

One final point: it may be tradition to scoff your advent calendar chocolate first thing in the morning (breakfast rules are made to be broken for the entire month of December) but we don’t advocate this with your Ginvent treats. Wait until the kids are in bed, stick the festive tunes on, crack open your gin and all that present-wrapping/food prep/card-writing might just seem a little less stressful.

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