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Baker spends 100 hours producing the most incredible sloth cake (PHOTO)

Ever wonder what a baker, six boxes of Shredded Wheat and 100 hours in the kitchen could produce? Well, probably not, but the result is one of the most incredible cakes you’ll ever see.

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Vicki Smith, of Incredible Edibles, created an edible sculpture of a pygmy three-toed sloth (named Neil, of course) using the breakfast cereal to produce the fine hairs of this amazingly life-like creature, Daily Mail reports. Other ingredients include marshmallow, Oreo biscuits, chocolate ganache and fondant — leaving no doubt that this cake tastes delicious.

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But while cakes are made to be eaten, this may be a creation that is just a little too beautiful to devour in a heartbeat. It’s to be displayed at a Cake International exhibition in Birmingham from Nov. 6 to 8, after which it could be selected to go on display at the World Wildlife Foundation’s headquarters, Daily Mail reports.

Smith’s cake has been making headlines, but it’s not just prestige that she’s after: She specially chose to create a sloth in a bid to raise awareness for endangered animals as part of Bakers Unite to Fight, Daily Post reports. And she wasn’t the only one.

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According to the Daily Post, other creations like penguin and Galapagos land iguana cakes also highlighted the threat to endangered species, with 28 cakes being produced in total.

Are you impressed with Smith’s creation? Let us know your thoughts on Neil the sloth cake in the comments below.

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