10 Things only people who went to school in the U.S. learned about food

Oct 14, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. ET
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If you've ever eaten in the school cafeteria, you know some things about food that people who haven't will just never understand.

1. Those people who can't cut anything on infomercials got their start cutting school cafeteria Salisbury steak with a plastic butter knife.

woman chopping onions badly
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2. Pizza just tastes better dipped in French dressing.

zac efron eating pizza
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3. If you dump 2 tablespoons of sugar over rice so soggy it's somehow holding the shape of the ice cream scoop they served it with, it becomes a delicious dessert.

disney sugar pot dishing out sugar
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4. Wilty broccoli smothered in watered-down Cheez Whiz constitutes a vegetable.

cartoon character eating Cheese Whiz
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5. If you poke holes in government cheese with a straw, it's easier to pretend it's not government cheese. Now it's "Swiss."

rat eating cheese
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6. Mixing ketchup with mustard makes hot dogs and corn dogs better.

Dumb and Dumber mixing ketchup and mustard
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7. The appropriate place for french fries in on the burger.

Hamburger and fries
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8. Veggie haters know to not panic when the tacos come with a "side salad" — they mean the lettuce and tomatoes that go on the taco.

tacos being filled with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes
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9. Just because it's mystery meat doesn't necessarily mean it tastes bad.

austin powers looking delighted
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10. When they say "nachos," one should not expect them to look like this.

picking up nachos
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They will probably look more like this.

nachos GIF
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