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15 Trendy entertaining accessories to make your dinner parties awesome

Entertaining successfully is all about presentation, which is why you need these amazing accessories that run the gamut from geeky to chic.

1. Dahlia coasters

Image: Food52

These delicate-looking coasters are as pretty as a picture and will make sure the finish on your table will be too. (Food52, $18)

2. Chemist cocktail kit

Image: ThinkGeek

There’s nothing wrong with a classic bar tools kit, but there’s something that’s so much more fun about this one, which gives me flashbacks to high school chem classes. (ThinkGeek, $24)

3. Fred wine lives charms

Image: Sur la Table

Wine charms tend to come in two types: horrifically expensive and inexplicably tacky. These are neither — a rare, adorable find. (Sur la Table, $10)

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4. Glass drinking straws

Image: Food52

I had a lot of trouble deciding whether to include these or their stainless steel brothers on this list. Who says straws are just for little kids? (Food52, $34)

5. Knotted branch bar tools

Image: Anthropologie

Liquor is so much more fun when you can pretend you’re imbibing it in a magical forest. (Anthropologie, $78)

6. Birdsong teapot

Image: Anthropologie

If you love tea, then you know the value of having a legitimate teapot as opposed to just an electric kettle that you heat up water in for ramen once in a while. I don’t drink tea, but this entire service has me seriously considering changing that. (Anthropologie, $68)

7. Wine pearls

Image: SPARQ home

Nothing worse than warm wine that should be chilled, right? Instead of watering down your chardonnay with ice cubes or wasting time Googling how to chill wine quickly, a couple of these wine pearls will correct your party foul in a jiff. (SPARQ home, $30)

8. Foodie dice

Image: ThinkGeek

For when your dinner party is more of a “cooking party,” this little set of dice will make things interesting. (ThinkGeek, $40)

9. Soapstone tequila shooter set

Image: SPARQ home

Hey, sometimes you have to shoot tequila at a gathering. Keep it classy with this set of shooters and tray that opens up to reveal a salt well and nifty spot to stash your lime wedges. (SPARQ home, $55)

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10. Spherical bottle opener

Image: Uncommon Goods

Nothing is more awkward than trying to open a guest’s beer bottle on your belt buckle (you’re not in college anymore), so keep this conversation starter handy. (Uncommon Goods, $18)

11. Pi basket

Image: Uncommon Goods

For when you want to serve pie but you’re no good at it, so pi will have to do instead. (Uncommon Goods, $118)

12. Planet plates

Image: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Alas, poor Pluto is not included among his former brethren, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the remaining eight planets. (The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, $39)

13. Copper cheese markers

Image: Macy’s

I’m a big fan of serving cheese at parties. Everyone always says, “Oh, no cheese for me, thanks,” but then where will you find them when the conversation lulls? The cheese plate, that’s where. These handy markers will ensure that everyone knows what they’re eating. (Macy’s, $30)

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14. Mini cupcake stands

Image: Food52

These things are so adorable I can barely stand it. I love the idea that every guest can get their own little cupcake on their own little footed stand. (Food52, $70)

15. Urchin toothpick holder

Image: Uncommon Goods

For when the party is over, this spiky little guy will let your guests pick their teeth discreetly. (Uncommon Goods, $28)

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