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5 Hunger-inducing food posts from SheKnows Experts

I like food. You like food. Food is something we all have in common. But some of us are clearly more skilled at actually making food (not just eating it) and beyond that, taking gorgeous photos of said food, turning it into art (like Sandra’s adorable graham cracker ovens) or even pairing it with other delicious pleasures, like wine.

It’s the second anniversary of SheKnows Experts Among Us, and to celebrate, we’re rounding up our favorite posts in the history of the community. This time, we’re showcasing some of our favorite food posts — whether they’re recipes that got re-pinned a bazillion times or posts that made us reconsider our relationship with chocolate. All of them are worth drooling over.

1. Quinoa burrito bowls for a low-carb take on a fast-food favorite

Quinoa burrito bowl
Image: Katerina Petrovska

“Want to make your burrito bowl healthier? This recipe for homemade burrito bowls is much lower in carbs and calories, and it is packed with protein, fiber and delicious veggies.”

2. Low-carb chocolate zucchini whoopie pies

Chocolate zucchini whoopie pies
Image: Carolyn Ketchum

“If you are a vegetable gardener, chances are you find yourself drowning in zucchini come midsummer. A well-established zucchini plant can produce a fruit every other day or so for the entire growing season, and it can get a little overwhelming. Everyone is on the lookout for tasty and healthy zucchini recipes, and these low-carb chocolate zucchini whoopie pies are a great way to use a little of that abundant summertime vegetable. The recipe can easily be doubled to use up more zucchini if you need it.”

3. 7 Tricks that yield the perfect cupcake every time

Image: Kristin Hewitt

“With the air changing and football season underway, you can literally feel fall lurking around the corner. And what better dessert to bring to tailgating parties than the fan favorite cupcake?”

4. Girl Scout Cookies and wine are a match made in heaven (INFOGRAPHIC)

Girl scout cookies and wine
Image: Tiffany Egbert

“The classic Shortbread/Trefoils always entices my palate toward subduing the creaminess of this buttery cookie with an unoaked chardonnay (as opposed to an overly oaky chardonnay) or perhaps a bit of sparkling wine to subdue the rich buttery flavor and tame it with contrast.”

5. Incredible kitchen-themed cookies pack a cupcake surprise

Kitchen-themed cookies
Image: Sandra Denneler

“All you need to make these easy, edible appliances are graham crackers, candy melts and a few chocolate candies. They would be perfect for holiday cookie exchanges, housewarming parties or baby showers. (Is that a bun in the oven?)”

Check out to view all of the incredible posts from the Experts community. What have been your favorite posts so far?

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