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12 Dreamy Chocolate Frosting Recipes: From Glaze to Ganache

Let’s get one thing straight: We love chocolate frosting and could never complain about anything frosting-related. It’s just that in fall and winter when the holidays start up, we’re in full-on baking mode and the frosting action never seems to stop — which is all fine and good, except sometimes we get into a bit of a frosting slump. Yup, you can only pump out so much chocolate butter cream before it starts to get a little boring.

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But we can make the experience magical again when we realize that all of our frosting doesn’t have to just begin and end with “chocolate.” There are endless variations on chocolate recipes to try, like a fluffy chocolate Irish cream or a silky-smooth chocolate ganache.

With the holidays already knocking on our doors, we crafted a quick pocket guide of our 12 favorite chocolate frosting recipes so you can craft the perfect topping for your dearest holiday treats. Whether you need a chocolate filling to stuff those scary ghost cupcakes or a chocolate-peppermint frosting to top your Christmas cookies, this cheat sheet has you covered.

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Image: Graphics by Gabriela Arellano/Sheknows;Photos provided by Getty Images
Image: Graphics by Gabriela Arellano/Sheknows;Photos provided by Getty Images

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Originally published November 2015. Updated September 2017.

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