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Eatable News: Taco Bell’s certified vegetarian menu and more must-reads

At SheKnows Food, we spend a lot of time reading about — you guessed it — food (and drinks too!). And we’ve come across some stories that are too good to not share. Here are the food items from the week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Forget latte art, give me designer chocolate to top my coffee

Latte art? Who needs it when you can top your espresso drink with a gorgeous chocolate disc. Just imagine… with each sip you’d get a decadent hint of chocolate, and if that doesn’t make your morning better, we don’t know what would. Best of all, each Topperfino is only 25 calories. Skip the pump of faux mocha syrup, and toss one of these bad boys on your latte instead. — Delish

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2. Calorie comparison: Booze vs. junk food

We all know when we’re knocking back a few drinks that we’re guzzling a fair amount of calories in the process. You might feel a bit guilty about it (though certainly never guilty enough to let it ruin a happy hour). But what if we told you that an entire bottle of wine equals the calorie count of 3-1/2 chocolate chip cookies? That’s not so bad, right? Or that five shots of Captain Morgan is equal to 1-1/2 slices of pepperoni pizza. Check out all the comparisons, and feel better about all those liquid calories. — Foodbeast

3. Vegetarians can now enjoy Taco Bell with no worries

Making them the first quick-serve restaurant to do so, Taco Bell is now offering a vegetarian menu, which includes 13 American Vegetarian Association-certified menu items. Additionally, customers can hack the menu with any of the 35 AVA-certified ingredients for endless vegetarian options. The vegetarian category is available on Taco Bell’s mobile ordering app and new website. — Eater

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4. Sparkling red wines are definitely a thing you should be drinking

If you’ve had a bad sparkling red wine experience, you’re probably not too enthused to give it another go. But Food52 makes a pretty compelling case for it and fills you in on the kinds of sparkling reds you should be trying to get over that too-sweet, wine cooler-esque beverage you might have tried in the past. Plus, it’s a good excuse to sample some new wine. — Food52

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5. Because sometimes the cheapest pizza is the best pizza

Sometimes, after a few bottles glasses of wine, you just want good cheap pizza. Nothing fancy, the greasier, the better. The Los Angeles Times will be your savior at these times. It has developed a program that will tell you where the cheapest and closest pizza is to you, depending on what toppings and size you select, from the three biggest pizza chains: Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s. Happy cheap pizza eating. — Los Angeles Times

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