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10 Times a Portable Pizza Pouch might come in handy

Everyone loves pizza. It’s like a scientific fact or something. Now there’s a necklace to help feed your pizza obsession. Seriously.

It was only a matter of time before some genius hero of our time would figure out how to put a plastic pizza pouch on a lanyard for the pizza fanatic on the go. Yes, for just $8 you can acquire your very own Portable Pizza Pouch. Stoners, survivalists and sportsfolks of all stripes should appreciate the convenience and luxury of carrying your very own slice everywhere for those inevitable pizza-related emergencies.

pizza pouch guy
Image: Stupidiotic

Still not convinced the Portable Pizza Pouch is a sound investment? Here are just a few instances you’ll be glad you’re wearing your next gooey, cheesy snack.

1. At a friend’s vegan dinner party

Joey pizza
Image: Giphy

2. When the munchies hit in the middle of a concert

Beyonce Pizza
Image: Giphy

3. Or in the middle of a talk show appearance

zoe saldana pizza
Image: Giphy

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4. Or even while you’re hosting the Oscars

Osars Ellen Pizza
Image: Giphy

5. You truly never know when the need for pizza will strike next… perhaps when you’re cycling?

pizza on a bike
Image: Giphy

6. Some of the world’s greatest love affairs were started over pizza, so you’ll be prepared for that

Image: Giphy

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7. What if someone steals your pizza? You need a backup!

pizza dog
Image: Giphy

8. Because when life gets tough, pizza makes most of it better

Daria Pizza
Image: Giphy

9. Remember, beauty eventually fades, but now you’ll always have pizza

Image: Giphy

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10. Always. Right there around your neck

Notebook pizza
Image: Giphy

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